SphygmoCor technology has been used in research and pharmaceutical trials worldwide in a broad range of therapeutic areas, including hypertension, renal disease, heart failure, inflammatory processes, diabetes, men’s health, women’s health and COPD.

Major peer-reviewed studies, including the CAFE Study, Strong Heart Study, MESA Trial, Copenhagen Heart Study and others – which included more than 20,000 subjects – have established that patients with elevated central aortic blood pressure are at significantly higher risk for heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.

Further, numerous other outcomes studies have demonstrated significant individual variations between central aortic blood pressure and brachial blood pressure values, indicating that central aortic pressure and its related parameters cannot be inferred from brachial systolic and diastolic values.

In addition, pharmacological studies in all major classes of anti-hypertensive drugs have shown that the effects of drugs on central aortic pressure differs between and within classes of drugs, indicating that the effects of drug therapy on central arterial pressure waveforms cannot be inferred from standard brachial cuff blood pressure measurements.